BBC Companion

This app was a research piece for the BBC.

The Companion project aimed to discover how users may interact with the BBC's content whilst simultaneously watching TV.

Although we BETA trialled the project to over 100 users, it never got further than a research piece for multiple reasons.

However the project itself was fascinating to work on. We modelled countless user journeys based on engagement models, i.e users were less likely to interact with content on second screen whilst watching a drama as opposed to an entertainment show.


UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Snr Designer)
Nouridne Arselane (Mid Designer)
Joachim Falck (Mid Designer)

Aerian (HMTL5 development)

Concept, Facillitation, team lead, Strategy, UX Design & art direction,


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We developed a UI where the user could select quickly what was On Now.

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The web app hit multiple data sources across the BBC.

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Recording notes from a user research session.

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Modelling engagement for the Great British Bake Off.