RM Easimaths

The brief was to update some fairly dated lead characters that featured in an old version of EasiMaths.

We wanted a style that was edgy but also friendly enough for younger kids. These characters took a few iterations to get right but I wanted to make sure that we had the right balance and that they wouldn't date. Some fairly obvious Kung Fu Panda inspiration as well as the awesome Elliot Kid.

RM Lightbox

UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Mid Designer/illustrator)
Chris Bowers (Interaction Lead)

Illustration & Art Direction

RM Easimaths

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Snap: Enthusiastic, energetic sport fanatic.

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Stripe: Steve Irwin type of explorer, spends most of his time outdoors.

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Scuba: Bit twitchy, full of pop.

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Squirt: Laid back but is critical of rubbish comics.