Game's GEL 2.1

I took over the Game's GEL project and quickly set about trying to create a common language across the entire suite of BBC games.

Games GEL has been established for a few years and has contributed to the continued success of the BBC's games. My team was responsible for evolving the patterns with the intention of giving even clearer guidance and further reducing any waste. This enables experiences that are beautifully simple across a range of devices and platforms, whilst also ensuring games are accessible to users with additional needs.

By analysing how Games are interacted with during a wide range of user research sessions, we were able to optimise the flows of interaction of Game's GEL whilst simplifying the User Interface. The ethos of the Games GEL UI is that it should take a back seat to the content but be readily at hand should a user need it.

We are looking to add more and more to Games GEL in a continuing effort to ensure we are as lean and effective as we can be. This approach will allow the content to be the focus and allow us to make better games.


UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Snr Designer)
Ryan Hope (Mid Designer)

Strategy, Team lead, UX Design, Visual Design, User research, facillitation & Stakeholder management

BBC GEL games article

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We updated all the guidance across every game screen.

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Games GEL pause screen.

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Peter Rabbit pause screen by Mobile Pie.

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Games GEL formed a suite of documents that I re-versioned for agencies, removing any bloat and making them super concise.