Connected Red Button

My first project at the BBC, an IPTV re-invention of the broadcast Red Button service.

I joined the project during the discovery phase and quickly had to get to grips with a new platform, IPTV. The differences to designing for the web were stark but I found the opportunity to learn about this platform incredibly exciting.

We faced many design challenges during the project but I'm incredibly proud of the design patterns we produced.  These patterns have become the foundation of every BBC IPTV project since, including: Sport, Glastonbury and iPlayer which I was also able to lead on.

We extensively user tested prototypes throughout the project, iterating and developing based on feedback.

The project has since evolved into the Red Button Plus project but the patterns we developed are still the same.


UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Snr Designer)
Wes Elliott (Snr Designer)
Ryan Hope (Mid Designer)
Ryan Hussey (Mid Designer)

Team lead, UX Design, Visual Design, User research, facillitation & Stakeholder management

BBC Blog: Designing the Connected Red Button

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We managed to simplify the Weather section into something incredibly intuitive.

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Lots and lots of UI sketching based on our Red Button personas.

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The Synopsis rollup pattern is a delightful interaction that solved a really tricky problem.

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We had a huge wall of design work and ideas.