Storytime - Downloads Feature

My first project in CBeebies was leading the design on a new feature for the successful Storytime app.

The Problem

How might we ensure that there were regular new drops of content without users having to update the app?

Our Approach

I joined as the product team had decided to investigate the idea of downloads.

Our original assumptions were that parents would be the ones driving downloads but during our discovery phase we soon realised that parents would in fact hand the device over to children at the earliest opportunity.

The challenge we faced now was would it be possible to create a download feature that a three year old could drive?

Our team created a solution that was incredibly creative, joyful and simple to use. Choosing a story to download was as simple as picking a cloud in the library, a rainbow would inform the user it was downloading, the cloud then rain’s into the book once the story is installed. The beauty of the design is that now I find it impossible to think of another way this could possibly be done.


UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Snr Designer)
Andrew Campbell (Mid Designer)
Joe Maguire (Mid Designer)

Team lead, UX Design, Visual Design, User research, facillitation & Stakeholder management

Storytime appstore
BBC Blog: Storytime

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Early wires and flows.

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We introduced the feature with a delightful onboarding sequence.

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Children can navigate the library and choose their favourite story.

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Removing a story reveals a beautiful animation.