Topsy and Tim

We ran this game a little differently as an experiment into collaboration.

I produced the Game Design Document before agreeing an Art Style with the programme owners, building on a previous Topsy and Tim game style.

I was keen to explore pillars of free play and variable reward as the game itself hinges on a main map that houses multiple mini games.

Having two children certainly helped with the conceptual thinking on this game as I regulary read the Topsy and Tim books to my children at night. The books feature a map of the town in which the children live and my son loved drawing his finger around the map as if he was a car. This simple concept gave me the idea to develop the main menu as an interactive toy where the user could draw any route on the map and the car would follow.

We always extensively user test all the games we produce at the BBC and this one was no different. We did multiple iterations of the map to get the interaction just right.

On the back of this Player Three delivered an outstanding game full of moments of real joy.

Since launch the game rapidly became the most sucessful game within Playtime based on stats.


UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Snr Designer)

Player Three (Design and Development)

UX Design, game design, concept & art direction

Playtime app store
Player Three

Responsive image

Wireframe illustrating the interaction of navigating the map.

Responsive image

The final 3D map built in Unity by Player Three.

Responsive image

I reworked the character art to ensure it was more playful and represented the characters better on smaller devices.

Responsive image

Player Three worked brilliantly to bring all the ideas to life.