iPlayer IPTV

Built on the foundations of the IPTV patterns I'd previously defined with the Red Button UX team

iPlayer IPTV was an opportunity to become part of the core iPlayer team.

The product was positioned as a fullscreen service, unlike Red Button which we designed around the edges of broadcast.

I was able to influence significant changes which helped improve the UX. Conscious of previous experience of watching users navigate via the BACK button in Red Button, I was keen to validate some of the iPlayer IPTV product design decisions which were at odds with this.

User research provided me with enough evidence to change the hierarchy of the app and thus a large portion of the UX.

We also were able to make changes to the focus position on screen in time for the MVP launch.


UX&D Team
Robin Gibson (Snr Designer)
Christian Statham (Mid Designer)

Team lead, UX Design, Visual Design & Stakeholder management

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TV design requires the use of much larger fonts, Welsh translation can be a challenge

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Notes during the project